"Latin Rock overseas sounds alive and HOT! love your sound...keep the spirit alive"

MALO, Jorge Santana's band

"One of the Top Tribute bands in the UK, a must see for all Santana fans"

Classic Rock Magazine

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"You guys have a lot of energy, so that's great! That's what a lot of music is, for me anyway. Sounds good, keep it up! cheers, and see you next time in the UK!"

Benny Rietveld,

Santana's Bass Player

The Music sounds great,

I was Bassist for Legendary

Latin Rock Band Malo,

George Santana’s band.

If I ever come to Europe

I will look you up.

Keep carlos music alive.

Joaquin Solorzano,

Bass player with Malo

Wishing you all a very happy Xmas and New Year